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Dog Waste Station services in Bluffton SC

Officer on Doodie helps communities manage dog waste issues.

Large outdoor common areas in your community are a wonderful place for you and the family to enjoy, but chances are many of the residents are using it for walking or playing with their dogs. We’d like to believe that all dog owners are always prepared to clean up after their pup, but in reality, many are not, often unintentionally. Officer on Doodie is here to propose a solution. We offer pet waste station installation services and can strategically install them in areas where dog owners are likely to need them. Pet waste stations consist of a bag dispenser, waste bin, and a sign, helping to encourage pet owners to clean up after their pups by making it easier to do so. They offer fresh bags to collect the feces and a waste bin to easily dispose of it. These stations are quite simple and easy to install, yet provide a valuable service that allows both pet-owners and non-pet-owning residents to fully enjoy community spaces.

Dog Waste Station & Grounds Management

Waste Station Management

This service includes:

  • Empty waste station baskets on a  2x per week basis.
  • Collecting and dispose of any waste / debris within a 12′ -foot radius of the stations.
  • Maintain inventory and replace bags as needed.
  • General maintenance of stations: Cleaning, Lubricating locks, and tightening hardware as needed.

Cost of bags included in quote, and Provided by Vendor

 Grounds Maintenance of Common Areas Available.

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Pet Waste Station Repair

This service is included in our Waste Station Management Program. In many cases, we are able to repair a pet waste station rather than replace it. We will evaluate each stations need individually to determine the most effective solution.

Pet waste stations are made out of three common materials: steel, plastic, and aluminum, and they can be either lightweight or heavy-duty. Officer on Doodie recommends aluminum over steel since aluminum won’t rust and over plastic that may crack and fade in color more quickly and look tired and worn after time.

As far as durability, lightweight metal containers are more prone to falling apart or rusting, which will require more frequent replacement than heavy-duty models. In the long run, lightweight metal and plastic typically result in higher expenses than a heavier duty option.

You should also consider the following:

  • Bolts: Are they angled hex bolts or smooth carriage bolts? Carriage bolts will be less likely to catch on and tear the bag when it is removed from the station.

Hinges: Steel hinges may rust, so look for hinges made of aluminum.

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Community Pet Waste Concerns

Property values are highly dependent on many different factors. If an area is ripe with smelly dog poop, chances are this can lower the property value for homeowners and rental property managers. That’s why every community needs a solution for this common problem before it becomes a nuisance to neighbors and others in the community. Officer on Doodie is ready to keep your common areas sanitary and aesthetically pleasing.

Dog waste can be a health hazard, and since there are more dogs than people in the U.S.*, community pet waste services aren’t just a convenience, they’re an important part of a community’s health and vibrancy.

The Dangers of Dog Poop

Dog waste is not only unpleasant but harmful to the environment. and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has deemed it a “nonpoint source of pollution.” A single gram of dog feces can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, which can cause everything from diarrhea and cramps to serious kidney disorders in humans. A 1993 EPA study even estimated that just two or three days’ worth of droppings from about 100 dogs in a twenty-square mile drainage shed could produce enough bacteria to temporarily close a bay to swimming and shell fishing.

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